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Going back in time to the '90s!-Looking a Fashion


High waist pants, cropped top and denim jacket - I feel like mom in the '90s. 
Those pants did belong to her until that print struck my fancy and decided she would not miss wearing them, so it was safe to say that it was my turn to do that!
 They are funny and also fun to wear, for any casual relaxing day, wouldn't you agree? 

 So, all you millennials out there, if you ever fancy creating an outfit from mid '90s, go raid your mother's closet, it's the most convenient (and free) option! 

 How do you feel about fashion in the '90s ?

  denim5denim7 denim3 denim2 denim

Wearing: mom's pants and shirt, Zara jacket, New Yorker shoes and sunglasses, H&M rings, handmade choker.

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