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Urban Western Style-Looking a Fashion

urban country5

I may be wrong, but this outfit reminded me of the classic American cowboy/country style, even though that was not my intention when I started to dress up, but hey, for a transition outfit when the weather is neither cold, nor warm, I am happy with it!
 And if you are wondering how I added 10 inches in length to my hair, the answer is: hair extensions! A ponytail to be more precise, courtesy of Irresistible Me, I didn't get to wear it very often because  my hair color changed to various shades of red in time, but now it pretty much matches the color of this extension, so I think I am going to wear it more often now; we shall see.

How do you guys feel about hair extensions? 

urban country4 urban country3 urban country1 urban country urban country6 urban country2

Wearing: New Yorker jeans, Newt bag, thrifted cardigan, Reserved shirt, C&A earrings

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