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Styling a mini leather skirt-Looking a Fashion


 A mini skirt, nothing new on the horizon, I am aware, however I wanted to say that I really used to avoid this type of skirts because I felt they were too simple and my fascination for the retro 1950's knee length skirts was over the roof so that didn't help, but not long ago I began looking at mini skirts in a different light.
 Now, I still love circle skirts, they will always be my favorite thing to wear and this leather skirt you see it here is not new, but I love the shape of it and how it looks, so I wanted to dedicate an article to it, share with you my thoughts and maybe some guidance on how to style such a piece. 

 1. Make sure the skirt is made of thick leather (of course it can be faux leather) the idea is that there are faux leather fabrics that are lighter and cheap that it will simply crack and break in time - this will create a cheap look that will do no good.

2. Wear it with short sweaters that stop just about your waistline, it creates a very chic and fun look as opposed to the classic shirt/sweater tucked inside the skirt. 

 3. Over the knee boots are a must-have these days, they are the perfect match for any mini skirt and I am a big fan as well, however, today I wanted to wear them with a pair of ankle boos, mainly because it's March and well... my boots are locked up in my closet until December. 

 4. Pair it with a jacket that stops at your waistline - this option will make your skirt the center piece of  your outfit. Or, longer jackets or coats work just as fine, depending on what look you are aiming for.

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Did you find these tips useful?
Let me know your thoughts on how you like to wear mini skirts, I am curious to know!

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