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Embroidery all the way-Looking a Fashion

embroidered jeans 

 I don't know about you, but I get excited like on Christmas morning whenever I see embroidery, therefor, I am so thrilled to see it on pretty much everything, from shoes to shirts and jackets! I have such a huge respect for this craft, I know it's so difficult to make and it looks soooo precious and special.
That is why I couldn't resist not taking this bag home with me, nor those Zara jeans. I usually never pay more than $15 on jeans, because they don't feel that special to me, but this pair though... They stuck in my brain ever since I saw them on the website. Then I took a glance at them in the store and went away, trying to convince myself they are not that pretty (who was I kidding?)  A few days past and they were still inside my mind (my philosophy is simple: if a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes makes you think about it more than two days later, then go get it!) So, one day, I tried them on and that was that. I went one step closer to purchasing them and I don't regret it! 
It's wonderful how some details can make a piece of simple clothing appear much more interesting and more appealing! 

 What do you feel about this embroidery trend? I for one have some other stuff on my list, but let's wait for the next paycheck!

  embroidered bag3embroidered bag2 embroidered bag0 embroidered bag embroidered jeans2 embroidered jeans3 embroidered jeans0

Wearing: Zara jeans, no name top and shoes, vintage jacket, Stradivarius bag, H&M sunglasses, C&A earrings

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