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8 things to do on a rainy day-Looking a Fashion

You know when you wake up and see that it's pouring rain outside, the kind of rain that lasts for hours, if not all day long? For some people this is relaxing and for others it can mean the end pf the world, especially if they had planned an outdoor activity.
However, there are numerous other activites you can do indoors in a situation like this, I gathered a few ideas that I used in the past and they really worked for me, in the sense that my dark mood was lifted and I felt productive, therefor satisfied!

Here are 8 things you can do on a rainy day (or when you are bored):

1. Catch up with your reading! I often leave my lectures behind when I am too busy, so rainy days are the perfect moment for me to finish reading my novels; I am old fashioned, so I am always surrounded by actual books, not that I have anything against ebooks! Plus, hearing the rain outside while reading is quite soothing.

sewing sweater

2. Create something! If you are crafty and have a passion for hand made stuff, now is the time to get things done. I have postponed sewing beads on this sweater for more than a month now, but I finally got the job done and I am feeling so satisfied now, I just love the result! Same goes for creating jewelry, clothing, knitting, you name it!

sewing sweater2

3. Declutter your makeup: not just makeup, you can start on your wardrobe too. You might get exhausted just by thinking about it, but once you start, you will feel so relieved that you will feel the need to reward yourself with a piece of cake.

declutter makeup

This is only a part of my makeup. I organized the products I want to keep on the left side and toss the ones on the other side. No regrets! There is no use in keeping a product that has expired..eww..

declutter makeup3

4. Bake something! You ever wanted to try a new recipe of chocolate dessert but did not have the energy or time to do it? Now is the time to satisfy your curiosity. You will be so happy with the result, you will want to do it again!

5. Make lists: If you are not the most organized person in the world, maybe now it's a good start. Having written words listed on a piece of paper really makes you feel more responsible about the things you have to do. It can be a list of ideas for a holiday, a list of chores, books to read or movies to see and so on!

6. Color/Draw/Paint: Feeling artsy? The easiest way to spend time in an artistic way is with the help of coloring books! You now there are those beautiful books out there created by talented people like  Johanna Basford which you can color in any way you feel like. Trust me, the brain will start to work thinking "what color should I put here and there?" and once you see your work done, you will feel like a joyful kid.

coloring for adults

7. Watch a marathon of a new TV show: If you're like me and sometimes feel like doing nothing productive, you will have somewhere a list of new TV series that you planned to watch, but somehow you postponed it. When you have the time, get comfy on your couch and binge watch those episodes, if the show is good, you will stay up all night too!

8. Take a bath: This is maybe mandatory in this list, but hey, it does work! There is nothing more relaxing to me that sitting in a hot bubble bath, drinking wine, listening to blues by the candle light. It's a great way to end the day after you've completed the tasks above.

Let me know your thoughts about this and please, share with me your activities if you are ever stuck indoors, I am curious!

Happy weekend everyone!

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