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The blue fluffy coat

blue coat 

 I'm that person usually comfortable in the classic, elegant style, with a bit of glamour on top, but every now and then I enjoy a twist of eccentricity and this blue furry coat is the one I am referring to here.
 I remember buying it a looong time ago on an impulse. It was so different than everything else I saw in stores and back then I used to be this restless spirit that wanted to be as colorful as possible, but also, in style! I wanted to feel that way again so I decided to wear this coat on a Sunday afternoon and you know what? I still love it, which is quite something considering the fact that I usually get bored of 40% of my wardrobe season after season. 

How do you like it? I am curious to know!

  blue coat2blue polar coat blue coat3 blue furr coat blue coat5 blue polar coat2

Wearing: thrifted coat and belt, New Yorker scarf, Adona bag, H&M boots.


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