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Sunday Appetizer Cupcakes

appetizer cupcakes cheese 
Happy weekend everyone! 
 It's really cold here, even the idea of going out for a 5 minute walk is a bad one, everything inside you freezes up and it's just incredibly uncomfortable. With this kind of weather, all I want to do is read, do research, snuggle up with my cat and drink hot chocolate. 
However, I woke up today with a sudden urge to actually make something useful and pleasant, by that I mean food! There is no other greater satisfaction on this world than eating a delicious meal, but maybe that's just me. So I decided to make a few appetizer cupcakes, which are ideal for a late breakfast or to take on the go when you are in a rush. I love them because you can eat them warm and cold and they taste incredibly good!
  appetizer cupcakes3

The fun part is that among the basic ingredients which are flour, buttermilk, eggs and butter, you can mix in anything you want, so I added some olives, ham, baby mushrooms, green onions, cheese and various herbs, like dill and parsley. You simply mix all the ingredients together with a spoon and the result should be this gooey thick paste which you need to put in some cupcake forms and simply leave them in the preheated oven for about 25 minutes at 200 degrees C / 392 F.
  appetizer cupcakescupcake appetizer cheese appetizer cupcakes2

Don't they look just delicious? 
When they turn a golden-brown color, then you know they are done, but also you can check them with a toothpick, if it comes out dry, then you can take them out.
The dough should have a sponge texture like in the picture bellow.

cheese appetizer cupcakes appetizer cupcakes cheese4

This is the full recipe I used:

250 grams flour, 80 grams melted butter, 200 ml buttermilk, 1 egg, 1 tea spoon baking powder.
Next, I added like I said: 8 baby mushrooms, 4 slices of ham, some olives, herbs and spices, a bit of Gorgonzola to add more savor and 100 grams of shredded cheese. 

I made once a recipe using dried tomatoes, Gouda cheese and grilled chicken. You can use many, many ingredients, the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and let me know if you tried it, it's sooo easy and fun to make!



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