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Everlasting love for velvet, vintage and bygone times

silk velvet green top2

Anyone who knows me, should be aware of my constant attraction to aristocracy, vintage accessories and clothing, old houses and...velvet. Put together all of them and I am complete! 
Whenever I see a 100 year old historical mansion, I immediately feel this urge to explore it inside and out, then I start to imagine what kind of people lived there and all the stories and memories it upholds. I feel a sudden melancholy that is not even mine and I can't explain why, but I love it. 
Whenever I am in such a house, I feel like I never want to leave, so capturing bits and pieces of it in pictures is the best I can do to keep the feeling alive and share it with you as well.

Avelvet outfit mozart caffe velvet green off shoulder top velvet camee choker

It feels this place deserves a proper attire, so I thought a silk velvet top which happens to be off the shoulder will make me feel a bit like a Victorian noble woman. Pair that with a cameo choker and vintage golden earrings and my look is fulfilled.

mozart caffe2 silk velvet green top velvet outfit2 mozart caffe3 silk velvet green top3

I wanted to snap more pictures of this house, but I wasn't exactly allowed to do that, plus there were other customers, but I hope you can get an idea of how classy it feels.
By the way, the place is called Amadeus Mozart Caffe for those who are interested. They serve the most delicious cakes and coffee in town!

Wearing: no name velvet top, thrifted skirt, Mohito boots, hand made choker, vintage earrings and belt


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