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New Year's Eve Look

new years eve outfit 

Christmas came and went in a glimpse, as it does each year and I hope that you all had a fantastic and joyful time surrounded by your loved ones and most importantly, that you received a lot of presents!
 Can you believe there are three more days left and the year is gone? I was thinking that it felt like yesterday I watched Episode VII of Star Wars, but I actually watched Rogue One a few days ago - those who watched them both will know that a whole year separates the two films. 

But look at me, talking about Star Wars in my pretty silk velvet dress, instead of thinking of all the good and positive moments from the past year. Speaking of pretty dresses, I though if giving you an idea of a New Year's Eve look, based on my on personal preferences, of course. Surely, since velvet is a huge trend this season and one of my favorite fabrics ever, it was natural that I would pick this dress as my favorite for this occasion! I love the color (which is actually less blue in reality) and the draping, it just looks so feminine and elegant, I really felt for it. 
I got it at a local tiny shop in my hometown, I wouldn't have minded if it was a dark green, but this color works great with my hair color too.
Topped with some delicate golden accessories with pearls because it really doesn't need much and let the party begin!

new years eve look idea new years eve outfit2 new years eve velvet dress new years eve outfit3 new years eve look idea2 new years eve velvet dress2 new years eve velvet dress4

If I won't see you in the next three days, then I'll return in 2017 with fresh new forces!

Happy New Year guys!



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