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A few Christmas gift ideas

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Christmas time is approaching us rapidly so I thought that an article with a few gift ideas is just perfect for this occasion; there are 15 days left (yay!) so be sure to find your presents in time to avoid the mayhem from the Christmas Eve. I know I used to search for the perfect presents on the day before Christmas Eve and it was simply chaotic.

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I absolutely adore the idea of tiny gifts hidden in globes, I think they are just perfect for this holiday, so how about this adorable one I found in H&M that contains...socks! But not any socks, Christmassy ones with penguins with glittery hats? They are lovely and also, only $6 !

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Next one contains a few eye makeup products, some eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and a black mascara - both in mini versions - they are great for travel especially! I found these in Douglas (this beauty retailer has the moooost amazing holiday offers) and you can get it for about $10.

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The Benefit Frisky Six mini set is one of the many options they offer. All the products are in miniature version and they are great to offer to someone for a first try or just for yourself to keep. This box costs about $38 which is the price of one item only in full size! Available in Sephora.
This box includes:

Sun Beam Highlighter
Lolli Lip Balm
Lolli Tint - works for lips and also as a blush
Sugabomb Blush
They're Real Mascara -  one of their most famous mascaras

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I mentioned about Onecklace before, they create personalized jewelry, you know, name necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but they also have other type of jewelry including the popular chokers! A little glow on our skin can make us look so glamorous and well, Christmas is all about glow right?

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I don't know how many of you know about Yves Rocher but they are one of my favorite skin care brands! Especially during the holidays, they offer limited edition Christmas shower gels, hand creams and body lotions, they also have them available in gift boxes at a special price.
Pictured here is the Cranberry and Almond hand cream and the Clementine and Spices shower gel -  the scents are simply delicious!

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Back to Douglas, I told you they have amazing holiday offers - this one is from Les Delices, a set of body care products with a scent of Rasberry Macarons - yes, it is as delicious as it sounds! The set comes in a cute pink house shaped box and it includes a shower gel, a shower sponge, body lotion and a bath foam.
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Last but not least, how about some tea? For all you tea lovers, Basilur is a brand that offers the most delicious tea ever created. Black or green with so many different sublte flavors, but not only is the tea that is amazing, but also the packaging! Just look at that brilliant box. This one is from their holiday edition, they also have other adorable collections, based on a theme or by season. I really can't recommend them enough!

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I hope you like my ideas, I'll leave you on that note and wish you Happy Shopping!


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